Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Hzwan with Schecter Stiletto Stage 5 !

Hzwan been looking at Schecter Stiletto bass for quite sometime, and when this new design came out, he knew its time! He came and ordered from us, this Schecter Stiletto Stage-5 offers simple, useful controls paired with powerful bass tone to produce a hard-rocking axe with five strings of range . He loves it!
Thanks Bro!

Kean with Mapex Armory!

Kean, came all the way from Singapore to support us. He needs a new pair of double pedal, and was really interested with Mapex pedals. We recommended him this, Mapex Armory series double pedal , it offers lighting-fast speed and rock solid stability. With features like the torque-free spring system, an extended footboard and the Falcon-style reversible beater with interchangeable weight, every Armory pedal is a giant step up in speed.
Kean loves it, and it is now sleeping with him in Singapore everyday.
Thanks Kean!

Polo with Canopus Yaiba II Maple Snare!

Polo!!!!! We love him! He is hardworking, passion and always willing to learn something new. He was looking for a new snare for the new genre that he is exploring and this Canopus kind of fits what he has been looking for, 5.5" x 14" Yaiba II Maple Snare Drum features a 6-ply maple shell for a full and sharp sound. Signature Yaiba II lugs and 2.3mm Power Hoops are great for drummers looking for a higher tone without getting thin.
Polo Slept with the snare now everyday.
Thanks Bro!

Zac with UFIP Extatic!

Zac is one of our drum tutor, he is recently playing a different genre and needs a new set of hihat, which he is really interested with the Ufip Extatic series, because it combines the dark and dry sound of unarmed pools like UFIP Natural with the clear attack and the defined sustain of the Class series. Perfect for pop, rock and fusion. Exactly what he is looking for.
Thanks for supporting us!

Arazul with Prologix Blue Lightning Practice Pad!

Aazul came to us to look for a good quality practice pad, he wants it not too big, quite, feels good and durable. Well, lucky for him we are selling Prologix practice pad, this 6inch Blue Lightning fits his requirement totally. Birch wood base, with a softer surface, makes you put in more effort to make the stick bounce, it helps to develop your hand muscle. Arazul bought it home!