Friday, 12 August 2016

Ken Chung with Gruvgear Gigblade 2!

It is always an honor to have him supported us all the way. Ken Chung, the one and only! 
As a professional session musician, Ken Chung tours a lot with international singer, he has been looking for a mixture in between good quality and life style bass guitar bag, and guess what, we brought in Gruvgear Gigblade 2! The unique side-carry approach offer the quickest , most practical and user friendly way to carry the guitar. Ken Chung bought both Gigblade 2 and Sliver, Sliver is the new standard in slim and lightweight gig bags. Continuing with the side carry convenience of the Gigblade 2 , the Sliver introduces a patent-pending "yin-yang" invisible neck brace that secures the instrument when closing the bag, smart, quick and super cool! 
Thank you for supporting us bro!

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