Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Bry with UFIP !

If you loves rock and metal, you can't miss this real musical cymbal,Ufip Bionic and Class series. The Bionic sets a new standard, simply awesome! Hammered especially deep and wide, then polished to a lustrous golden finish, giving the cymbal added warmth, richness and tonality.The Class Series cymbals always have something more to offer, more volume, better sound output on stage, warmer tonesand a complete and dynamic range, they are ideal for all kinds of music, from pop to jazz or from rock to metal! Compare to those cymbals that obtained by simple pressing, UFIP's rotocasting cymbals is very consistent , everywhere is sweet spot because it will not trapped any air-bubbles in the cymbals while rotocasting it. 
And Bry is in love of UFIP now! Thanks for supporting Drumstore Bry!  

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