Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Zikry with DG Gregorio!

Zikry came to Drumstore with his father to look for DG Gregorio Cajon, they already knew the brand because one of their friend is using it, they find it sounds amazing. Sure it does! Birch wood is a natural EQ wood, it is rich in medium to high frequencies with a clear and distinctive tone. The body of a DG Cajon is made with half an inch thick, nine plies baltic birch. The back side is a quarter of an inch thick, five plies. The front is the most distinctive part, like for Zambo which Zikry bought is a three plies, 3.5mm thick.
Thanks Bro!

This is Zambo with the Snare on :-

Zambo with the Snare off:-

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