Monday, 3 August 2015

Vincent Choo with Wincent & UFIP!

A rock drummer, an educator , Vincent loves drum very much! Vincent teaches Drum at day, perform Gigs at night. Avery hardworking Drummer. He been looking for China cymbals recently, and he tried lots of other brand's china, just couldn't get what he want, until he came to drumstore, we let him try Ufip 20" collector china, when he heard this beast shout, he couldn't get his eyes of the cymbal. Thats why we get to tool the picture below. You can feel the power of love by looking at his eyes.

 A wise drummer knows whats the proper stick to use in a different Gigs, and Vincent is one of them. With the Wincent rods, he plays as normal but with a softer impact to the drums, made the gig feels more comfortable.  
Thanks Vincent!

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