Thursday, 20 August 2015

Ravi with DrumClip!

Ravi was here the other day to look for a 'thing' to 'kill' his snare overtones. We told him that's not a thing, that is The Drum Clip! After the tour in States with his band Diplomats of Drum, he really frustrated with the 'thing' that is uses to 'kill' his snare's overtone kept on missing! ';.;'!! DrumClip is designed to be easy to clip on your snare and toms, it sits steady and doesn't move around.And the most important thing is, it does not kill your overtones, The Drum Clip is actually control the overtone which make your Drum Set sound more alive!  Ravi grabbed after he tried ! Thanks Bro!
Wacth the video below for the demonstration we do for The Drum Clip.

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