Monday, 20 July 2015

Patrick James with IK , Bacchus & Gibson Strap!

It is always important to keep on improving yourself! Patrick need this to record himself while he is practicing, so that he know where do he needed to improve when he plays back the video and listen to it. With Irig pre , you can also hook your favorite microphone to your ios device and sing along! Creates music anytime, anywhere through irig pre with your iPhone, iPad.Thanks Patrick!

Patrick James been thinking about upgrading to 5 strings bass the past few months, He need more Low low low low low ~ stop! Opps, if you know what i mean. With the handcrafted Bacchus from Japan, Bacchus Woodline DX 5 AC, Patrick is driving the bass like his own car in no time. Ebony fretboard and maple neck, feels good, sounds a bit brighter, which is what Patrick wanted. Patrick grab it home at sleep with it ! Thanks bro.

A good bass needs a good strap to hook with! and guess what, we have the beautiful comfort strap in store for him! Gibson The Montana comfort strap. Haha Love you Patrick! Thanks for supporting us!

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