Thursday, 18 June 2015

Xiao Man With IK Multimedia!

Xiao Mann and her greatest Mom in the world is here to grab these IK Multimedia products, Xiao Mann is very talented in making music, she compose song , write lyrics then she sing as well! But she needed a reliable product to help her with this, and when she came into Drumstore, we let her try Irig Pro and Irig Mic. Irig pro is the first full featured compact audio & midi interface you can use with your XLR microphones, keyboard ,guitar and bass or other line level source and your midi controllers. This is exactly what Xiao Mann been looking for! And she bought the iklip 2 for her ipad as well , the materials of iklip2 has been proven that it won't scratch your device, so it can securely holds your iPad without scratching or marring it!
Thanks Xiao Mann!


  1. i want to buy irig hd, can i make purchase?

  2. HI Chronicpeople! Yes you can! please add us on facebook with the link below:-

    and let us assist you!