Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The Black Widow Found A Home

Doran's father, Mr. Victor was looking for a drumset for his son who is an upcoming young drummer. Mr. Victor searched on the internet and found out about us at Drumstore. He called us up asking about the drums as our friendly staff (your neighborhood SpiderMan), introduced and consulted on the drums models, meterials etc. After that he decided to get the Dixon Black Widow. (Meanwhile at Drumstore, emerge a mysterious drum 'The Dixon Black Widow' waiting for its prey). Now the both of you can rock on with the monstrous mahogany kick of the Dixon Black Widow.
Lots of appreciation and many Thanks to Mr. Victor and Doran for supporting us at Drumstore all the way from Kuantan. Hope you guys enjoy playing the drum and to see you guys again :)

The Black Widow, inspired by heavy metal rock not only transpired the surrealism of spider wed but at the same time sustaining the artistry of the drums. It features 9-ply Mahogany Shells with 45-degree bearing edges black hardware and mini-suspension system.

The Spider drum set not only sets of a mysterious yet powerful vibe, it also allows drummers to rock out on stage with a mad explosive sound.
The Itsy Bitsy Spider muahaha..

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