Saturday, 10 August 2013

I Know What You Did Last Raya Holiday

One fine afternoon on a Raya Holidays, a girl name Natasha and her family came to Paradigm Mall for a family outing. Then they came across a store name Drumstore, and the very cute Ukuleles hanging in there caught Natasha eyes.
She came in the store bringing her family along, looking at the Ukuleles and then one of our friendly stuff greeted them and introduce the Ukuleles. After that she decided to get the Makai SMC80 Concert Ukulele along with an Eddy Finn Ukulele Hippie bag and an Evo ET39 Tuner. Even her mum got some Latin Percussion Egg & Conga Shakers.

Thank you for supporting us at Drumstore.
PS: Drumstore thinks you're pretty :)

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