Sunday, 25 August 2013

David Nooi & UFIP Cymbals. Match Made in Drumstore. :)

David Nooi, a good friend. A proud drummer of UFIP Cymbals (Finest Handmade Italy Cymbals)

David Nooi, the up and coming drummer of the Malaysia Music Scene...found his "soul mate" (;)) at first sight, after meeting with UFIP Cymbals. Giving up his OTHER brand of cymbals and making a complete make over with the range of UFIP Cymbals....which comprises;
1. UFIP 19" Bell Crash Cymbals - Experience Series
2. UFIP 19" Crash Cymbals - Natural Series
3. UFIP 15" Hi Hat Cymbals- Natural Series
4. UFIP 21" Ride Cymbals - Natural Series

Making him the proud UFIP Cymbals drummer of Malaysia! Wishing him best of luck in marking further mark in the Malaysia Music Scene ~

Thanks for choosing UFIP. Thanks for your continuous support and trusting Drumstore, your Drums Specialist Store!

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