Sunday, 28 July 2013

Easy D.I.Y-ing Sela Pro Snare Cajon

Made in Germany, The Sela Cajon percussions are now available in Drumstore Avenue!
Yippee! So the saga begins.
 The unboxed Sela Satin Nut. Stacks of them...
1..2..3..4.. pieces of wood for the Cajon and a million screws!
Let the screwing begin! Screw the sides first...
Then the bottom
then the other 2 sides.
Ta-dah! Sela Cajon! Not finished yet...
And so the Cajon DIY continues with screwing all 4 sides firmly
Finally! The back. A Nail is provided to punch a hole through every screw taper. 
75% done!!!
And the best saved for the last! Sela Batter head! Centre screw first for pivot.
Yeah Almost done! 

Come check out the finale Sela Satin Nut Cajon at Drumstore Avenue Sdn Bhd.

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