Saturday, 21 January 2017

Ash Hatz with UFIP!

The Tiger series are pressed cymbals, which are given the same level of attention, care and hand hammering that UFIP use in the production  of their professional Rotocast series resulting in a high quality mid range product. With the special surface treatment, giving them their unique lok and a sound that is explosive, powerful and rapid in response. Ideal choice for rock , metal and punk.
Ash tried it, he loves it, grabbed it home!

Check out how their Rotocast cymbals made:-

Ash Hatz with Wincent!

A pair of good drumstick and a tone control device is what Ash been looking for, and we have just what he wanted. Wincent drumstick , made with a unique stone grinding way and with their own special wax to protect the sticks, made them become the strongest hickory drumstick in the market. (the wax gives you more grip too) ! Wincent tone gel reduces unwanted over tones, it is washable and reusable. Comes in three different sizes, so there is no longer needed to cut your gels up. 
Thanks for supporting us bro!

Joel with Diago !

Joel is here again! Loves his playing! Smooth and soulful! 
As a professional guitarist himself, Joel need to travel a lot for concerts and events, so he definitely need a reliable gears for his set up, especially for his pedals. He was here for this two awesome Diago PowerStation and Patchfactory. Which one can power up for 30 pedals, and another to customize the length of pedal patch-cable to allows him to have a better set up on board.
Thanks for supporting bro!  

May Gin with Canopus !

May Gin came the other day with her father's snare to change the drumhead. A very lovely daughter, and she is also very receptive. After we understand from her that what kind of music genre her father is into it , we suggested this Canopus drumhead to her. 
Thank you for supporting us!

DNL HSSNN with Diago !

Maddthelin Dnl Hssnn in the house!!!!! Love them! 
He was here for this Diago PowerStation , 3000mA to your pedalboard which can power up to 30pedals! It uses switch mode technology, making it quiet , light , efficient and small, reliably powering your pedals so you can concentrate on make music. 
Thanks for supporting us bro!

Check out their music here!